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Warm and welcoming, Tania will initially take a full case history. Creating an immediate sense of safety, she encourages openness and honesty. This creates a friendly dialogue, allowing Tania to formulate the best treatment protocol using tailored, pharmaceutical grade herbal compounds.

Getting results with herbal medicines can take time but in the short term, clients consistently report feeling better. Tania loves being able to compound a unique formula for the person in front of her, dispensing the most appropriate treatment. With an extensive range of pharmaceutical grade liquid herbal tinctures in her dispensary, Tania can compound a wide selection of herbal tonics to address multiple health issues.

Her decision to study Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine grew from a fascination with both natural medicine and science. It also stems from her personal experience as an Indigenous woman trying to function with unrelenting pain for decades, and the limitations that deteriorating health has on everyday life.

Now, as a registered Naturopath and Herbalist practitioner, Tania treats the cause, not just the symptoms. Even more, she uniquely prepares herbal extracts from wild harvested Aboriginal bush medicine plants, creating ingestible and topical products for improved health.

Professional Certifications

Diploma of Herbal Medicine

Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy

Professional Accreditations

Complementary Medicine Clinical Practitioner

Integrative Medicine Practitioner

InterClinical HTMA Certified Practitioner

G.E.M.M. Nutrigenomics Clinician

Fitgenes Certified Practitioner