Naturopath | Herbalist | Nutritionist


During an initial naturopathic consultation detailed information is gathered on your current health and medical history, the face-to-face component of the consultation is generally 60-90 minutes.

Natural Treatments

Individually prepared liquid herbal compounds, using prescription-only pharmaceutical grade natural medicines. Our topical balms are handmade using our herbal blend formulated into our base using natural products

Flower Essence

Flower Essence have been used by Egyptians and in Aboriginal cultures for centuries. They are a very gentle yet effective treatment options safe for infants during pregnancy and for the elderly.

Functional Genetic Testing

A simple cheek swab to collect DNA for a comprehensive analysis of your personal genetic profile. Included with a personalised and proactive approach to planning your treatment focusing on health and wellbeing matters that effect you, rather than a one size fits all approach.


Your iris is like a roadmap of your body’s health, showing up to three generations of health markers a great deal about what has been going on can be identified through iridology. Your left iris relates to maternal lineage and your right iris relates to paternal lineage.

Hair Mineral Analysis

This type of non-invasive investigation enables mineral deficiencies to be identified and treated. The booking includes the sample collection, laboratory analysis and a full consultation to review the findings and develop an appropriate treatment protocol.