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My decision to study Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine grew from a fascination with natural medicine and science; and also through my personal experience of decades trying to function with unrelenting pain and the limitations that deteriorating health has on everyday life.  As a registered Naturopath and Herbalist practitioner I will work with you to identify and treat the cause, not just your symptoms.


Naturopathic treatment protocols are developed to achieve and maintain overall health, utilising the potent phytochemicals found in prescription-only, pharmaceutical grade natural medicines to treat a variety of health conditions, together with nutritional advice and supportive lifestyle strategies.


Extemporaneous dispensing enables liquid herbal tinctures to be compounded (blended together) into a herbal tonic or balm, completely unique to each individuals needs.


I look forward to working with you as you progress to health and wellness.


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“WNMC Pain Balm has changed my life! I am able to do things that I haven’t been able to do for years'”


“Nothing has managed the flare-ups like the tonic Tarn mixed up for me”


“I felt an improvement after a few short hours of taking my first dose!”